Top Car DIY Maintenance Tips

There is this excitement and aura that comes with buying a new car. However, it is after making your purchase that some undeniable facts dawn on people. Buying a car means you must maintain it, you must service at intervals, and also ensure your automobile is in great working condition. These tips would help your car look brand new, retain its value, and ensure it does not break down due to poor management. Here are some tips that would help with your car maintenance.

Replace Engine Air Filter: One of the easy things to fix in your car is cleaning and changing the air filter. To inspect, you can unscrew the air filter box, and remove the filter. You can conduct a light test to ascertain the effectiveness of the filter. If 50% of the light is blocked by the filter, it means the filter should be replaced. Secure the filter correctly and you are good to go.

Replacing Bulbs: Most people replace their bulbs at home, the same applies to automobiles. You can easily change the defective light bulbs attached to your vehicle. To change light bulbs, remove the screw and lens, detach the defective bulb from its socket and then replace it. Reinstall the lens when you are done. Ensure that you use protective gloves or paper towels to prevent oil from depositing on the glass.

Fix dents and dings: Dents on a car can be caused by different reasons, however, the reason for the dent does not matter. What matters is how to get rid of it. To remove dents, you would need different sandpaper grits, filler, cream paste, and applicators. Start by smoothening the dent to bare metal, clean with grease remover and wax, then apply the filler to fill in the scratches. After this, you should smoothen the part worked on, and paint with touch-up paint.

Touch-up chipped paint: This is a rampant issue among car owners. When you have chipped paint on the bodywork of your car, you should ensure you cover that part to prevent it from rusting. To cover up, you need touch-up paint, wax, grease remover, and a paint applicator. Use the grease remover and wax to clean the chipped-off area, when it dries off you can apply the touch-up paint using its applicator.

Fix torn Vinyl and Leather: For those that have kids, you would experience this a lot. When you have torn leather, it would disfigure the interior design of your car, but changing the upholstery of your car is also expensive. Instead of discarding the old leather, and spending a lot to get a new one, you can just mend the torn part. Glue reinforced fabric to the torn leather and place in the liquid filler, find a mat with a similar color to that of your car seat, place it into the liquid filler, and then heat on the leather using the patching tool. Remove the patching tool but leave the mat to cool off on the patch.

Use Sawdust for Oil spills: Another common occurrence for car owners is oil spillage. It is not unusual for you to have oil or grease stains on the floor in your garage, but you should ensure they are cleaned regularly. You can make use of sawdust to help soak up the oil spill. Leave the sawdust on the exact spot for 10-15 minutes, then sweep when you are done.

Clean out your car vents: It cannot be denied that there are some tough spots to clean in a car. It is difficult to get any type of cleaning equipment in such spots, yet they need to be cleaned. To clean your car vents effectively, you can use a paintbrush to help clean the louvers, and also use polish to make it sparkling clean.

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